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How We Do IT

We have fully trained and qualified staff deployed in our departments providing specialised and dedicated services for every client across different sectors as highlighted below;

Specialised Services

  • For clients who are sellers
  • For clients who are buyers
  • For mortgage/lending institutions
  • For Government agencies
  • For Landlord and home owners
  • For tenants
  • Title Registration/Perfection
  • Land Surveying

Description of Services

To the tenants:

Our services provide tenants with the resources and tools they need to prevent eviction and ensure housing stability. Read more

To the Landlord:

We offer the highest quality property management services to our landlords. Read more

To the buyer:

As a buyer, we help you to choose what’s best for you, in line with your budget and preferred location. Read more

To the Seller:

Our team of real estate agents has a great deal of local area expertise and also has the skills to ensure that the correct market price is set for properties. Read more

To the Banks, Lenders and Primary Mortgage Institutions:

As a top valuation provider, we are proficient on all asset classes and ensure that the prior to the advancement of loans, our valuations would be accurate and cannot be influenced to tilt to a lower value or higher value, where market evidence suggests the contrary. Read more

Property Assessment:

We provide free assessment based on current prices & latest sale comparison in the area. Read more

For Government agencies:

Governments at different levels (Federal, State and Local Government) AOL provide valuations for public sector entities as mandated by IPSAS. Read more

Title Registration/Perfection:

At AOL, we assist our clients in registering their titles in any part of Nigeria and with any authority (Federal, State and Provincial levels). Read more

Land Surveying:

AOL provide land surveying services which also includes associated services such as analysis and utilization of survey data, subdivision planning and design, writing legal descriptions, mapping, construction layout, and precision measurements of angle, length, area, and volume. Read more