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Our efficient team of real estate professionals provide the following services

Residential & Commercial Leasing

It involves transfer of assets/interests from one party to another temporarily and as part of real estate agency services involves technicalities and complications. Skilled professionals are also required to handle this aspect of real estate.

Residential & Commercial Sales

Residential and commercial real estate sales and purchases as part of real estate agency services involves technicalities and complications. Hence, it is essential that such transactions be handled by skilled representative before same is consummated. It involves transfer of assets/interests from one party to another outright.

Valuation & Advisory Services

AOL Provides Holistic Valuation, advisory and consulting services for real estate assets owners, Real estate developers (REITS)investors and lenders, combining our specialized expertise and premier technologies to deliver high quality valuation reports that meets the client’s need. Our areas of coverage include Commercial properties, Residential properties, Retail Industries and Logistics, Entertainment Venues Agro allied industries, Manufacturing Industries, Healthcare, Hotels and Resorts, Petroleum and Extractive Industry, Automotive Industry etc. Valuation of assets and liabilities can be done for various purposes, which include:
Buying or Selling Property
Rent Function
Security of loans or Mortgage
Valuation Advisory Services
Compulsory acquisition
Financial Reporting

Property Management

We provide very comprehensive management services, which can best be described as complete service. By complete service we mean that we can handle selection of tenants and screening process, day-to-day operations and property management, rent collection, tenant’s evictions and much more. We work throughout Lagos, South west Nigeria and the Federal capital territory and we’re able to provide focused, market-specific service through our team throughout the regions we cover in Nigeria SUPERIOR TENANT SELECTION PROCESS We help owners with their tenant selection process, and when we do this, we leave no stone unturned. Quality tenants are highly prized and our management team is skilled at screening tenancy applications. Our aim is to ensure that our property owners get the calibre of renters they deserve and we believe that the screening process is one of the most important parts of the tenancy.


How We Do It

We have fully trained and qualified staff deployed in our departments

providing specialised and dedicated services for every client across different

sectors as highlighted below;


Our services provide tenants with the resources and tools they need to prevent eviction and ensure housing stability


We offer the highest quality property management services to our landlords. We understand that real estate assets are investments with financial value, which must be managed.

Our Offer

  1. Our dedicated property maintenance team is always available to assist with any maintenance work required at competitive prices.
  2. Marketing & advertising landlord’s property through print media and online property portal to find the perfect tenant is our strength.
  3. We take high quality photographs and video of the property.
  4. We can also take care of your renewals and transfers.


As  buyer, we help you to choose what’s best for you, in line with your budget and preferred location. Our aim is to listen to your needs and requirements, comprehend them and thereafter respond & react proactively to ensure your needs are met.

What We Will Do

  1. We would guide you through every step in buying a home/property
  2. We aim to ensure your purchase experience is pleasurable and trouble free
  3. After sales follow up to get feedback
  4. We partner with Primary Mortgage Institutions and lender, which would provide you the best rates in purchase financing
  5. We would assist you in property purchase throughout Nigeria.


Our team of real estate agents has a great deal of local area expertise and also has the skills to ensure that the correct market price is set for properties


As a top valuation provider, we are proficient on all asset classes and ensure that the prior to the advancement of loans, our valuations would be accurate and cannot be influenced to tilt to a lower value or higher value, where market evidence suggests the contrary.

We take our time on valuation exercise by carrying out sufficient checks on the valuation reports before being sent out to our clients.

As a top valuation provider, we are proficient on all asset classes and locations, possessing the required skills and market knowledge to provide all valuations, such as hotels, leisure, healthcare or automotive etc

At AOL Consult, professionalism comes first, as our valuations cannot be influenced to tilt to a lower value or higher value, where market evidence suggests the contrary.

We believe contractual relationship should be between the valuation provider and the lender /financial institution (being the party relying on the valuation) hence we take our instructions from the lender, thereby eliminating the opportunity for pressure to be applied on our firm to push the value higher.


We provide free assessment based on current prices & latest sale comparison in the area.

  1. Taking of Photograph and video of the property.
  2. In order to create awareness and line up potential buyers, we advertise in both newspapers/magazine & online property portals.
  3. We conduct inspections, where we take the potential buyers to visit the property and talk them through the inspection
  4. Provide constant feedback & solutions.


(Federal, State and Local Government) as public sector entities are expected to prepare financial statements annually. These statements are to be prepared in strict adherence to the International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS).

Which are a set of accounting standards issued by the IPSAS Board for use by public sector entities around the world. At AOL, we provide valuations for public sector entities as mandated by IPSAS.


Is a bundle of rights exercisable over a piece of property. It is essential upon acquisition or transfer of interest/rights in a property from one party to the other, that the beneficiary registers his/her interest.

The benefits include a reduced or no boundary disputes, increased market value, greater opportunities and access to credit. At AOL, we assist our clients in registering their titles in any part of Nigeria and with any authority (Federal, State and Provincial levels).


Property dispute Can get acrimonious and rough over trivial things like boundary definitions with adjoining property(s). Surveys are used to identify boundaries and features of land to determine ownership, reestablishing corners and lines.

AOL provide land surveying services which  also includes associated services such as analysis and utilization of survey data, subdivision planning and design, writing legal descriptions, mapping, construction layout, and precision measurements of angle, length, area, and volume.

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